Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Today is day 1 of false easter. I can already see that the blogging pyramid has been conquered by Matchstick and is now being filled full of youtube videos. Good. Since I haven't introduced myself already, I am Clagnut. I would complain at the completely useless title for this blog

(Stuff we write) but I'm uncharacteristically jolly this morning so I won't. Anyway, I too watched 300 and thought it was competely awesome. I also watched the IT crowd with Matchstick and my opinion of that was mixed seeing as the DVD kept freezing up at random moments. This afternoon I'm off to town with friends to eat at the noodelnbar and to watch 'Jumper'. Waiting to see how that turns out. For now entertain yourselves with some non-youtube videos which I think are cool.

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