Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Normality resumes

The holidays are finished and all I have ahead of me are two long weeks of tedium. "The thing about everyday life is that it's actually quite interesting" - To blog about that is, not to write long boring books involving sad people in wheelchairs about. So as a routine update to life, yesterday I had an ISA (Investigative Skills Assessment) exam. If you don't come from the kingdom of Ingland then you will never have heard of an ISA or a GCSE or anything else your average Inglish teenager will spend two years of their life worrying about. The ISAs are supposed to replace coursework in Science and they are given the ignorance they truly deserve. This is a cue for some idiot to cry out "It wasn't like that in my day, they spoil you" or something along those lines. The whole idea that GCSEs are getting easier is repeated every exam season. Hey, let me enlighten you, GCSEs don't get easier, even people who choose slacker subjects such as Drama or Sport Studies will do work at some point. In fact this tends to creep up on some people by the time they hit year 11, they realise that however they look at it they will have to take an exam sooner or later in which people are going to ask them things they should have learnt but ignored. That was a long sentence. Also, since I have been playing HL2 Ep2 for ages, I am up to the bit where they filmed the offical gameplay video which made me feel special. But also ruined it slightly seeing as I had already watched the offical gameplay video and learnt how to take down the helicopter using just the gravity gun. Speaking of someone ruinging the plot, I read on the escapist forums that Alyx's dad dies. Yeh, that's pretty bad isn't it. Eli dies. Now you don't have to play all the way through to the end of the game to find out what happens, just ask me. And in spite I'm going to spoil the ending for everyone else. ELI DIES! And also they said that the master chief (John 117) dies at the end of HALO 3. I'm pretty sceptical about that. If you were really eager to kill off a main character you wouldn't kill off the protagonist. That would be really dumb. Leaving now, going to rant at someone else, do homework, do coursework, eat, sleep. The photo is a grab of Zero Punctuation. Which is funny to people under the age of 23. Anyone older is losing their sense of humour along with their hair. And if you click it will take you to a site which mods your Blackberry, Xbox, iPod, you name it, you'll pay for it, because you think it's "hip" to have a bright pink laptop. Fool.

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