Sunday, 25 May 2008

Home Alone: Part 1

I'm in the front room. The parents have gone to france to argue with relatives. I imagine that right this moment they are enjoying a tedious drive across foreign roads. I am however completely relaxed. Earlier, Matchstick and I went and rented the movie 'five fingers'. I have no idea what to expect. Just that it was the only decent movie in the whole dam Blockbuster store which Matchstick let me rent. Oh, yeah, and even earlier this week (day before yesterday) I went to a friend's party and she had an original Playstation, a Nintendo 64, a Playstaion 2 and copies of the original GTA (which is still an 18) and Driver 2 in their original packaging. From now on the stereotype that girls don't understand decent entertainment or play it is banished from my thoughts. For this week anyway. And we watched Batman: Forever. The one in which he meets robin. In fact my opinion of this film was that they were all secretly competing for a spot on ht efront cover of 'transvestites-wearing-tight-spandex magazine'. It was a sobering experience, but apart from the bad special effects, the main characters who couldn't act and the unmistakably retro '70s batcar/batplane/batboat. I suppose the worst aspect of this film is that it is completely out of continuity with Batman begins or the dark knight. I'm told there was a whole batman trilogy made in that era. Sometimes I pity that generation...

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