Sunday, 11 May 2008

I hate englishness

Ok, this blog has a controversial title for a few reasons:
  1. Controversy leads to pageviews. Pageviews lead to fame and international glory. Fame and international glory leads to more money to buy more computer games :¬)
  2. I don't wish to be associated with the Feudal system of governement which is held here. Mainly because within this system I would be the son of a 'Wealthy Merchant' and the 'Serfs and Peasants' don't exist in their subservient oppressed state anymore. Someone somewhere has allowed this country to turn the working class into a bunch of Brand-obsessed ambitionless and antisocial zombie chavs.
  3. If I were any kind of normal politicker in this country (like David Cameron) I would simply blame it on the teenagers/blame it on computer games/blame the corrupt system that forced them to idiocy in the first place... oh, wait. That's us isn't it!
  4. Also, I hate the values and symbolism that this country defends and stands for (imperialism, warped racist nationalism, celebrity 'culture', capitalism ect...)

You know I'm probably going to grow up out of this and become a robot for the system. In a while. When I've given up on the idea of revolutionary change and equality for all. I'll jot it down here such as to not forget it in 10 years time when I gather the money required to move out and live somewhere else. Montreal perhaps?

Anyway, as a citizen in this democracy I'm entitled to express my opinion which is more than can be said for most people who live in Africa. Who I would like to help. But helping African people put their lives back together is nearly impossible. Africa has been so warped and pushed around by trying to conform to european systems of governement. They should go back to being tribes in the forest, except without the periodic genocides against neighbouring peoples. If you agree with this spiel I'd suggest you check out the socialist ten commandments. And I also vaguely remember I wanted to express another fundamentalist idea but after ranting about africa I've forgotten what it was. It'll arrive later on I'm sure.

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