Friday, 2 May 2008

Learning Programming.

Books you could buy.
So, if you wanted to learn programming, and you were young, (say **) . You should learn one of two languages, either C# or Ruby. To learn C# you would use something like this C# Head First . OReilly Link
I cannot teach ruby, because I am not familiar enough with it myself. And, VB well, everyone has left VB behind. And IronRuby is still in its early development, not stable for a learner. As a learner, you want somethign that works.
Microsoft does have an excelent site on learning vb though.
AND a whole bunch of videos about VB for the beginner. So Whist waiting for a book about silverlight and C# I would use the VB videos to get a grip with programming in general. Hmm... the videos dont work. (I guess thats because MSDN and MSDN2 were merged today...)

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