Monday, 2 June 2008

Computer mouse insides.
Yesterday we(matchstick, Clagnut, daddy) took apart our computer mouse that wasnt workingon one of our computers. So I did most of the work with a selection of knives, spoons I wedged them in lines and all though it was sealed in place, I managed to use a spoon as a crowbar and break and bend the outer casing, inside we saw this:

I am sorry that pictures aren't very good but I am not as good at using the camera as my brother. After this stage I plugged the mouse into another of our computers and I noticed that the mouse was infact still workingish. But because of the mouse cage bit being bent back at the back I coudnt move the mouse very easily so then I got a very small screwdriver and unscrewed the technical mouse bit and then I took another picture of it:
So this is a picture of the insides of an optical, wire mouse.

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