Sunday, 22 June 2008

I'm a Member of the Xbox Fanboy legion

Another Xbox-related post, we did get an xbox elite. Reasons for getting an elite over a regular Xbox are easy and can be found almost anywhere over the internet:
120 GB hard drive
HD output
newer motherboard which makes less noise/heat
all black finish which makes it look awesome.
So there you have it, I am now a console fanboy. After years of membership with the PC gaming master race I have defected to the cheap fanatics. All the while the console 'wars' were raging I took it for a joke and knew that no side would ever 'win' and that all the way through PC gamers would just have a huge party. One of the very first questions asked about wars is always 'what started it?'. I think there was just a console war because the fanboys of each console didn't want their console to become obsolete (anyone remember the SEGA dreamcast?). If you boil down the figures you find that none of the consoles seemed to launch in any specific order. Here are the launch dates for Europe:
Xbox 360 - December 2nd 2005
Wii - December 8th 2006
PlayStation 3 - March 23rd 2007
And here are the total sales (in millions) as of now:
Wii - 27.72
Xbox 360 - 19.26
PlayStation 3 - 13.58

The Wii is clearly leading with (almost) twice the amount of it's consoles sold as the PS3. This is hardly surprising due to Nintento's brilliant ploy to sell games consoles to parents and girls... people who know sod all about video games. I dislike the Wii. Hey, I said it, it goes against everything I know and trust, it is just plain wrong. Games are not friendly colourful distractions played to you by a butt-ugly white dwarf trying to convince you that it's a games console and that you're cool. Also, I quickly latched on to the 'we're going to revolutionise gaming' idea after Matchstick bought a Nintendo DS. Nintendo bring out a supposedly innovative control system which is actually worthy of some merit... Until it is eaten to bits by really really cheap/commerical games designed to make huge amounts of money and leave everyone feeling they've been the victim of some cruel joke. Nintendo ploughs into this and brings out it's flagship franchises: Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart ect... Once they've finished whipping the cash cow they walk away with all their money and reputation. Oh, and not to mention but on the actual hardware side the Wii is the worst of the lot. It has no high defenition graphics, it doesn't play DvDs, and the GPU is just all-round bad. It would be safe to assume that I'm definitely a fanboy at this point, seeing my dislike for the Wii. Wait to read what I think about the PS3...

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