Saturday, 28 June 2008

OpenId and me

I wanted to create a site that used OpenId. Well as it happens the Oxford Geek Night had a talk about OpenId from Simon Willison on exactly that. But I didn't go! I was just a simple choice, hard day at work, go to Geek night or a swim. The swim won. However I can still get a lot of information about OpenId and everything at Geek night as the nights get very good after event write up. Its a pity the video is in .mov format. I dont seem ble to view those. I can however listen to the podcast now on the 1 hr daily comute.

OpenId Libraries for Python, Ruby and PHP but thats not what I want. And I know this information is out there somewhere as I looked at it last week. What I want is OpenId for ASP.NET MVC.

Ah! found it Johan Danforth blogged it. Scott Hanselman also. But this isthe link I wanted. OpenId Support for .NET Johan also pointed to MyOpenId as a potential provider.

So that will be saturday afternoon then....


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