Sunday, 8 June 2008

I've been busy...

You may have noticed a new little box on the navbar now, this shows the number of human lives taken by military forces funded by your tax money to steal petrol from Iraq. I don't like the war.

It's been a while since I last wrote an article on the blog. This is because my life is too interesting or busy to spend time actually documenting it. I'm sure many exiting things happened between this and the last post but I've forgotten most of them and the rest aren't that blog-worthy.

I'm not going to write an article now because I'm supposed to have done a presentation in German by now... and I haven't. So I'll go do that.
I leave you with a film by John Pilger, which I hope to see soon (the DvD rental list is so full that I have a feeling we're going to be watching nothing but old foreign-language dramas for the next few weeks). Anyway, Enjoy the contoversy:

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