Thursday, 11 September 2008

Music's happening

I'm sitting here trying to sift through hundreds of Mp3 files trying to distinguish good music to put on my Mp3 player. I'm like a hunter in a field trying to see the gazelle apart from the tall yellow grass. Eating grass sucks, gazelle is much better. Imeandred onto the blog and was schocked to find that all the graphics are gone and the page is nothing but bare text and hyperlinks. I'm using google chrome. I could tolerate it's inability to run silverlight content, it's refusal to let me see Vimeo. However you might know that Blogger is a google product. I got chrome because I use google products and am so used to them that actually having a browser which supposedly seamlessly integrates with the cloud couldn't do any evil. Plus it's really simple, faster than Firefox and has added features. Anyway, google chrome not loading google blogger properly = FAILIURE. At the moment I'm listening to Kanashimi no Kizu by Nana Kitade (picture on the left). Not bad music really, but then not worth a download either. Killerpilze is a good band, they've been playing in the study every morning since school took up again. Also in music news, Les Cowboys Fringants have a new album called the expedition but it's not out until 23rd of September.

I present to you: Richtig Scheiße by Killerpilze:

And just before anyone asks. I know the drummer is young. He's like twelve or something. What's he doing in a rock band? It's wierd.

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