Saturday, 20 September 2008

The second teenager has arrived.

Between the coming-of-age of Matthieu, the Bike update to Burnout: Paradise and a ton of homework it's a surprise that I ever have time to sit down and write. But at the moment Matthieu's going to the ice rink to celebrate his Birthday with all his friends who don't like me and I don't like them either, Christine's gone to... well she's just gone but she'll be back in a while though, Peter's acting like a good dad and ferrying little Matthieu to the ice rink and back and when he returns he's going to get back to work on cleaning and plugging in Christine's PC as I am writing this on the laptop and I want to type on a normal keyboard and the laptop's battery is slowly dying.

There was a new Microsoft Zune released this week. Or last week. Anyway, it got me all excited until I realised that the old Zunes still hadn't come out in Ingland yet. This means that I'd have a wait of about 2-3 years before I saw a Zune sold in a high street shop in Oxford. However as are the wonders of the internet I can have an old zune imported from Canada, yaay! Even much more to my surprise was the revelation that the new zune wasn't actually anything special, it was a re-launch with new software (which you can download for free here anyway).
I leave you with what I consider to be the best Mp3 advert so far without revealing that it's trying to sell you a zune until the very end:

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