Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Portal and the National Video Game Archive

Haven't posted in a while. That's because I've got Twitter now. But I'd just like to announce that I'm now a fan of the National Video Game archive and have signed up to support them. Next week is half term holiday and I'll be going to GameCity 3 where I can suggest to them to put Star Control 2  in their archive. Also I'll hopefully get to play some really really old and undoubtebly crappy videogames with atrocious graphics. Fun! 
Second thing is that Portal: Still Alive just broke into the Xbox LIVE arcade. I had previously toyed about with the idea of buying and downloading certain games to the Xbox's Hard Drive but was held back because Peter was unwilling to surrender his credit card details to Microsoft. However times have changed, I consider 'Still Alive' to be the unofficial sequel to Portal. I never got to play Team Fortress 2 and never got to play the Orange Box on the Xbox 360. As far as I'm concerned Valve make the world's best games and there's no way that I'm not going to play Portal on the Xbox. Unless I run out of money. Or if I just play it at GameCity 3 like I did for Left4Dead (which I now realise is probably an 18).

The following is the announcement for Portal: Still Alive from E3

And the promotion video for the National Video Game Archive (might not work, it's Vimeo)

I'm now off to listen to Mark Steel's rambling about Religion on BBC 7.

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