Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Simon Evans
Simon Sabin
SQL Server MVP

Lee Dale
David Christiansen

Frank Kerrigan
Gary Short
There's no place like

But it works on my PC!
Random thoughts of Richard Fennel on technology
Granville Barnett

Andrew Westgarth
The Random Thoughts of an ASP.Net Code Monkey
Chris Webb's BI Blog

Karl Wagner
Thomas Lee's Web Log
Under the Stairs

BM Bloggers
The blog of the Black Marble development team
Jeff and Scott
Keeping the tangents documented

Ziemowit 'Jimmy' Skowronski
Lazy Developer
Ben Hall's Blog

Christian Wade
For All Things SQL Server 2005
James Knowles .NET Blog
My blog on developing software in .NET and other ramblings

All about me learning and using C#
Gary Rowntree
A Gadget Freak; A Geek who can Speak

Mike Hadlow
A log of the joy's and fustrations of .net development
Greg Young
Occasionally I get lucky

Steve Scott
The Big Dreams of a Little Mind
Tim Haughton
Console.WriteLine( WittyTagLineGenerator.Create() );

Vivek Ayer
NET: The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
Colin Angus Mackay
Stuff that's in my head

Amazon Web Services UK Blog
Amazon Web Services, Products, Tools, and Developer Information, with a UK focus and flavour...
John Winstanley

Ian Smith
Software Development in a DotCom world
Dave Oliver
Dispatches from a Devitect

David McMahon
Edward Daniel

Ian Wijesinghe
A Byte Of Life
Guy Smith-Ferrier
The Latest Blog Entries from 1 Chap From Blighty

Daniel Fisher
lennybacon newtelligence powered
Learning VB.NET
Benjimawoo - One man. No tagline.

Blog of a .NET Convert
Blog of a relative newbie to the .NET programming world. Care to watch me learn? :)
Life's a Bench
Technology, Photography and occasionally a Norwegian Music blog, by Dave Verwer

Caleb Mohon's Blog
Life inside the academic institution
Keni Barwick's Blog
rants and raves of all things Microsoft Mobile

SimonS' SQL Blog
Ramblings on SQL, SSIS, TSQL and other stuff by Simon Sabin
Liam Westley
His incoherent ramblings

Nothing Else Matters
gadgets, geekness and all things randomness
Ian Blackburn's Weblog

Anton Delsink
IanG on Tap
Ian Griffiths in Weblog Form

Exigency In Specie
Thoughts from, and the lives of a Canadian and a Brit living in Southern England.
Shaun O'Callaghan's Blog
Life Outside the Academic Institution
Jonathan Blackmore's Blog
.NET Programmin'

Sarah Blow's .Net Mobile Blogs
A world of technology in the wireless age
Neil Cowburn
Never Stop Exploring

Mike Roberts on life and technology
Fairview 3
A place I call home

Oliver Sturm's weblog
VB-tech weblog
a day in the life of a self employed .NET developer!

Mike Taulty
Microsoft UK DPE
Mike Pelton
Microsoft UK DPE

Phil Winstanley
British Microsoft ASP.NET MVP & ASP Insider
Ian Smith (Irascian Ltd)
Software Development in a DotCom world

Simon Harriyott
Simon's Software Stuff
Solid Quality Learning

James Crowley
Random thoughts from a UK student and .NET developer
Jonathan Hodgson
Coding in the Community

Simon Thorneycroft
Coding in the Community
Peter Foot
.NET Compact Framework MVP

Richard Costall
Costall Blog
Richard Blewett
.Net Meanderings

Barry Dorrans
Dave Sussman
Writerus Drivelus

Daniel Moth
.NET Compact Framework MVP
Craig Murphy
The Social Programmer

Mehra Nikoo
Thoughts on .NET, SOA, Enterprise Architecture & More!
Ian Cooper
Stacatto Signals

Benjaminm's Blog
Indigo, web services and extreme programming

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