Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mamma Mia - why was that film made?

I just finished the family musical classic of this year: 'Mamma Mia'. A film which unly just overtakes High School Musical: Karaoke edition in how incredibly soul-crushing it is. Attention dumb people spoilers: Within the first five minutes of watching I realised that the 3 men who come to the island go and marry the 3 women. What an incredibly predictable load of crap. If I had it my way, the three men would fight it out FarCry style on a deserted tropical island. The two annying women whose names I can't remember would die in freak accidents. And then the character who's supposed to be getting married is involved in a suspect biological accident whoch renders her horribly disfgured and unable to speak. That way the whole problem of old disco songs being sung by people who can't sing is solved. Also, everyone on the greek island speaks greek and nobody's got the slightest clue what's going on.
Actually I'll be honest, I watched only a small proportion of this film, I gave up at some point and left, then had to finish it off this evening for the sense of completion. One of Christine's friends watched it twice. I'm reminding the world that Christine's taste in films is dictated solely by whether it's not in English or was reccomended by one of her incredibly tasteless student-friends. Also, it took up one of my free blockbuster dvd credits. I could have spent my time watching a sci-fi classic/anime/thought-provoking artistic masterpiece. But no; Mamma Mia. I'm not even going to try to explain the plot, it's so simple that Christine understood it. Which is normally a standard most films have trouble attaining.
It's late and Peter's elders arrive tomorrow (yaay, old people... !) but really, I must sleep, and be lulled to sleep my Mark Steel's rants about revolution. I leave you with a clip of one of what I consider to be the best musicals ever made, Tenacious D: the Pick of Destiny

And I make no apology for the bad language, it's about 2398 times more intelligent, witty, funny, and actually worth listening to than every other musical I have ever watched. Take that West Side Story!

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