Monday, 5 January 2009

Beware: Anti-American rant below

It's 9:40 and I've just finished watching Eagle Eye. I would like to write down an intersting line said by this boss guy right at the end 'the very safeguards which we put in place to protect our libery do in turn infringe upon it'. Take that Police State! It was a film which tried very hard to be an intersting sci-fi take on what it would be like if a giant big brother network of cameras was controlled by a super-powerful computer. And then the plot takes a turn by deciding that Americans killing a bunch of civillians in Afghanistan was a violation of the American Constituion and that the current regine needed changing and therefore put in place a plan to kill the president. All that I actually have no problem with, I think it's good to change America's regime if it's not upholding it's constitution. but actually, this is America and the machine is wrong. Only the humans are right to uphold their proud nation and murder innocent people of foreign countries for oil. The film tries to be apolitical while at the same time providing a undercurrent of 'oh no it's the police state' and loads and loads of flag waving and American patriotism. So therefore I conclude that this film must be struck from my good graces because it was confusing and ended really really badly. As in the machine died and the humans won (yaaay) and the American Constitution remains unchanged. The moral of this story is non-existent because the current moral that humans should decide makes no sense because those humans are cruel and greedy.
Also, the big super-computer kind of looks like GLaDOS. Which is possibly the most intersting thing about this movie. Or the fact that is featured Shia LaBeouf. Eagle eye is a reference to the American eagle as it's national symbol.

Whichever way you look at it, I would have been better off learning something useful than watching that film. Even though I have nothing useful to learn at the moment.

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