Thursday, 22 January 2009

No DivX here :(

I found out that the DivX web player can only play files which are actually hosted up on the internet somewhere. I would be fine with this if it didn't mean that A. We have to keep one computer on all the time to be serving up content to the web and it uses up electricity and therefore money B. I'm not sure how many people would try watching it but I'm not willing to risk our bandwidth, I've already tried setting up a TF2 dedicated server and then took it down about ten minutes later, internets cost money and C. Because I'm not so excited about my video that I'm going to write a HTML file, put it in the right directory and make sure everything works, because it was a test after all, and the test was a resounding success, go me. Except for the fact that the only place you can see my video is on Facebook. If you're not my friend on Facebook then sit down comfortably and imagine sittting in the back of a canoe on the river. Imagination is much better than actual video and I'm sure it comes in High Definition. Apart from that, I've been getting a lot of people coming up to me at school and saying stuff like 'I saw your video review of Left4Dead on Facebook, can you do another one?'. And therefore I might go do another video review, thing, depends.

I spent loads of time tonight on Faceposer. I'm doing well, but I'm using the SiN Episodes: Emergence version and I can't find where the sound files for the game are. I'll be switching to the 'actual' Half-Life faceposer soon as I've got a plan to download Half-Life 2 onto my laptop and play co-op using the Synergy mod. This would actually be the most awesome thing in the entire universe ever, however when I told Peter he just said he didn't like Half-Life very much, despite the fact that he's never played it. Screw him, I'll coerce one of my friends or Matchstick to play with me.

Speaking of which, I went around to a friend's house the other day to celebrate 'after-mock success' or something like that. It degraded into one of those sad Wii ads where two girls are jumping up and down with Wiimotes going 'gaming is sooo fun' while playing some shitty mini-game. Although after a while I did get to play COD5 co-op. On the Wii. And I was told by the guy next to me that 'Call of Duty looks like really bad and unimaginative drivel at first but' apparently 'it grows on you and you appreciate it a lot more'. I played it enough to confirm my prejudices and I still don't recommend it.

Matchstick exchanged Halo 3 for Quantum of Solace earlier in the week. Seeing as I've been mean and negative about almost every game I've played this week, I'll carry on by saying that Quantum of Solace is mediocre. It has no real strength. It is most certainly not the 'spiritual successor to goldeneye'. Whoever wrote that must have been under the influence of drugs/alcohol/excessive media hype at the time. If you really want a good spying game, get any one of the Spliter Cell games before the Double-Agent one. If you don't care how much spying is involved and just want to do a James Bond thing, check out the Goldeneye: Source mod for Half-Life. Gameplay is a bad version of Rainbow Six: Vegas's cover-shoot-capture objective style (you'd understand if you'd played it). Except that in Quantum of Solace all emphasis on strategy and realism is thrown to the wind because HE'S JAMES BOND. It had 'fun moments', a bucket load of quick-time events, and it got me 250 gamerscore. I would mention that at times the quick-time events are a 'good' thing. But that's a whole long detailed story and nobody wants to hear it. So thus concludes my rant: You can't watch my video; I went to a party; Quantum of Solace: the Videogame, is mediocre.

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