Wednesday, 28 January 2009

School Assembly

Our new deputy-head-teacher gave his first assembly this week. And it was actually worth listening to as he is a good speaker. It should be a requirement for people who want to stand up and take an assembly at school that they actually prepare properly. But, I'll be honest right now, that wasn't the only reason I thought his talk was good, he talked about change and reform and he slipped in the fact that  about %80 of schoolchildren of our age play computer games and that about %70 of teachers have never played a computer game. I know that my form tutor owns a PlayStation but he never really talks about it much, it pleases me to know that there's someone high up in my local school hierarchy who actually understands virtual worlds. Of course this guy might just be trying to make good first impressions and that he might turn out to be just one of those narrow-minded old fools who pretends to understand young people. However, as first impressions made, they were pretty good.
Other teachers when they take assemblies talk about general good morals. In primary school we were read out stories from the Bible. I used to think it was liberating that I only had to go through Assemblies once a week. That was 4 years ago and I predicted a change in Assemblies from general talks about why we should be behaving better, doing better schoolwork, patronising rubbish about 'the world outside of school'. To a meeting at which essential information about the running of the school would be issued. The management has a chance once a week to address us face-to-face and instead of informing us about useful stuff we should know about the school which is relevant to us now, they try to instill in us a sense of right and wrong. It was heartening to see that for once a teacher had actually bothered to prepare an introduction speech which students are actually interested in listening to. There's the possibility that if no headteacher is found in interviews that the new deputy would be elevated to head-teacher rank. If we had the chance to vote, I would vote for him.

A new deputy head has arrived at the school and I think he's a good guy.

At lunchtime I attended an introductory session in Government and Politics at A-Level. It was quite dis-heartening a first because the only other person who arrived was a pretentious git who I had been trying to avoid for a while, naturally he thinks that climate change is a lie and that all Muslims are terrorists. Bit of a wanker really. Anyway, after a while a few other people came along. Surprisingly most of them were rather proudly socialist, which I hadn't really anticipated, all of course barring the pretentious one, and this other boy who seemed to have no opinion on the matter (then why is he wanting to study Politick?). My American friend happily pointed out to me what a bunch of fools our parliament is as we were being shown film of 'Prime Minister's Questions'. The whole house was acting like angry schoolchildren with the portly speaker in the middle helplessly protesting 'order, ORDER!'.
It should be fun next year.

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