Friday, 6 February 2009

2nd snow day

It's just been announced on the school website that we're going to get all of today off as well.
Which is a good time for be to be editing yesterday's footage. I've noticed that MoviePlus has an annoying tendency to just crash if it's asked to deal with several video sources of different types. ie. I try to get it to decompress a batch (yes, a batch) of .divx files and it just crashes. decompressing the files individually works fine though. Oh, and if I use my normal tactic of doing many things at once on the computer, it decides to give up. Interestingly enough, under the reason for error, it blames DivX Inc.

Oh and in the DivX decompressor settings you can tell it to force a 'film' effect which means that film looks more like, film. As in photographic film that you put on a little reel. It makes it look a bit less sharp and digital, more artisty and stuff. 
MoviePlus doesn't let me use the DivX decompressor to decompress DivX files (I use FFDShow). However, in the DivX player, it's decompressed in real time and the resolution/aspect ratio/colour is all preserved.

Here's what we did yesterday:

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