Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day. I wore a red t-shirt and a red jumper . I donated a total of £1.15 to Comic Relief. My form teacher gave my form class a class detention because we were talking too much in registration. Three people in my class did a sponsored silence and 2 of them had broken it by break, thanks to my class. 2 Pairs of people tied their feet or hands together and stayed like this all of the school day.

First lesson we had drama, kind of boring and the teacher had no Red Nose Day spirit. Second lesson was IT in which our teacher said "if you donate to Comic Relief I will let you have a fun lesson". In Music we listened to pieces of music about trains and then made our own. At lunch, I played football. In science we looked at what electromagnet are used for in everyday life. In history we looked at The Tennis Court Oath, to do with the french revolution.

After school I went to my drum lesson. When I got back I looked at the OxFringe program and only saw one thing that looked interesting. OxFringe is sponsored by The Midlands co-operative which is awesome which means something good that I dont really know what.

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