Monday, 17 March 2008

300 part 2

I have just finished watching 300 like 5 minutes ago. In fact I think it was much worse than I thought it would be. If you looked at the first part of the film I watched which is reviewed below, you would have thought they would fight to the end but then die on the last wave of men or something. But instead the plot whirls around, they all die really quickly in like 1 minute.At least they could have taken 10 minutes to die. Before they die one of them goes back and collects 10,000 soldiers and goes back to fight Xerxes and he gives a long speech about Leonidas(the main character). The whole film was about 300 men inspiring 10,000 to fight back Xerxes.

So the first part(start to 1h04) I liked as you can see from an older post but second part(1h05 to the end) I didnt like on the brink of hated it.

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