Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Imperial Traitor by Mark Robson

I read this book really quickly. It was as good as any other in the series(Imperial Spy and Imperial Traitor).The plot is one that you might expect for the last book(I think). Surabar gets assasinated by Shalidar. Lord Kempten(who is still alive) is the hier but everyone thinks he is dead. In the end Lord Kempten becomes Emperor, Femke and Reynik fall in love, destroy the guild of assasins and Reynik becomes an Imperial Spy like Femke. Everything turns out good and every loose end of the story is sorted out.

I bought this book on the spar of the moment with my friends in town because I had allready read the two last books(Imperial Spy, Imperial Assasin). I didnt know there was another book but hey. Oh and apparently there is another series called The Darkweaver Legacy by Mark Robson

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