Monday, 24 March 2008

Holidays 2

Well now it's the end of false easter. It's also a monday, which is nice because under normal circumstances I would be in P.E. playing basketball in a rugby top whilst it's -1°C outside. Instead I was clothed in a sleeping bag in a comfy armchair and playing:

--Half-Life 2--
--Episode 2---

That was my attempt at recreating the title graphic. Anyway it's been a good 6-day break. I went shoe-shopping with a bunch of poofs, watched Die-Hard 4 then played on a PS3 until late into the next day. As you know already we went to see 'Les Miserables' at the Queens theatre... in London for Dogar's sake! Why would anyone want to go to London? London smells, it's overcrowded and there are still the same effeminate money-pits going shoe shopping. Thing about holidays are that you're allowed to relax for some part, but the rest of it is devoted to catching up on coursework most of which I did yesterday but some stuff remains. Sheets of questions from chemistry. What kind of moron out there just photocopies pages from a textbook and hands bunches of them to students in a lame attempt to replace their own flawed teaching. It's way better to learn by copying (writing) information into your book than by glueing and sticking easy-read fact-sheets into your book. I retain the right to remain uncharacteristically emotional about bad teaching methods. Oh, and powerpoint, it should be locked in order to stop teachers from auto-generating crap which students don't want to watch. In other news I discovered yesterday what blood gulch got re-named to in Halo 2. In fact it's now called 'Coagulation' and in Halo 3 it's called 'Avalanche' or something like that. My joy at finding the map was short lived because 4 of the servers running it were locked and the one server which wasn't locked forced me to play with a covenant laser sword, I patrolled the map for a while in the warthog and as soon as I found the 2 other people on the map the game ended. It was depressing. The communtiy is shunning a map which in all it's multiplayer greatness is being ignored. Damn society. So now I'm playing Half-Life. I'd forgotten just how completely awesome the whole atmosphere was; Alyx screaming some sentimental nonsense, a sun that shines soft light upon the wartorn landscape, Vortigaunts skip happily in the streets of rollermines and physics-based puzzles. I've got to go now, Maman is complaining, threatening, pressurising me with nonsensical statements lest I continue typing. Bye.

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