Monday, 7 April 2008

Holidays 3, here we go again...

This is my first real blog post for a long time. The holidays have been too full of exciting, interesting experiences. And I had to write an essay on How the silent revolution in Quebec promoted it's independence. Take note that I am supposed to be marked on my knowledge of French grammar and not on my socioligy skills. Have to see how this will turn out. I've also been spinning away on some other projects such as trying to re-create the BBC 6 O'Clock news complete with greenscreen, suits, lights ect... Building a fully operational lift using GMod for Half-Life 2 and the printing out of various holiday photos onto glossy paper. The theory is that by the time you complete all the side missions the quest becomes a lot easier as you already have the necessary magic items, experience points, ect... and the main objective is to survive the holiday level for at least 2 weeks without having a boss battle with one of the elder parents. I think more people should look at the world like that. Oh, and a new dvd of FullMetal Alchemist arrived by post yesterday (No.10 - Journey to Ishbal). Finally I can find out what happens to Edward Elric (Japanese: エドワード・エルリック) Only I missed the last four episodes and the first episode of this dvd doesn't actually feature either Elric brothers at all. Shock horror ":(A FMA episode in which the story revolves around a boring sub-character whose only reason for being in the animation is so that he can get wounded during fight scenes (Colonel Mustang). This is slanderous!
Also today I playtested the demo of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory 2.0. I would review it on it's merits, it's de-merits and why Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory looks too much like Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault. And why Quake looks too much like the original Marathon. Instead I'm going to let a gameplay video which I made using FRAPS explain everything:

Enjoy That?. Anyway, as it is apparent from the video and my time playing it, I have the following sweeping uninformed prejudices I wish to make:

1. I didn't have a flamethrower. The developer responsible for removing the flamethrower in the demo should be sacked. Now.

2. If you're a Strogg and you use an Icarus anti-gravity pack anywhere near the GDF base you are instantly targeted by anti air turrets and blown out of the sky. That is lame.

3. For some reason the Strogg are deployed onto the battlefield without parachutes. Why? All it means is that you have to 'airbrake' as you and your reinforcement wave are paradropped into the relative safety of your own base. The GDF army does get parachutes and they are actually dropped somewhere on the battlefield.

4. The Icarus anti-gravity pack is the coolest vehicle in the game.

5. This game regularly forces you to actually think instead of just blasting enemies to physics-realistic bits of burning flesh.

6. If the GDF look like they want to build a convenient bridge over that ravine then stop them at all costs. If they build bridges on the battlefield they can shift their doom-tanks over those bridges, through your lines and straight through into your base. The landscape is your weapon, don't let the GDF build bridges over it.

7. The absolute funnest and cleverest way to win the battle is to let all the blood-hungy minions rush through the tunnel and get shot at while you sneak round over the tunnel, under the bridge, through the lake and around the back of their base. Break through the gate and disable all their equipment while they're not looking. When the GDF forces need reinforcements. Camp in a nice vantage point and pick them off as they arrive. This seriously weakens the main force because without equipment and without reinforcements with the great might of the Strogg army thrown at them, they're as good as poodoo.

8. It's always funner playing as the bad guys trust me, the person who does the voice acting for them should be given a medal:
Ten Earth minutes remaining.

You are under fire, you are hit & bleeding, you are dead, you are waiting for a technician to come and revive you, your body has been blown to a million tiny pieces, you have respawned.

This post is going to end very quickly, but just as a note. The 'stuffwewrite' stupid idiotic blog name team, will be away in Quebec (Surprise!) tomorrow (bigger surprise) So no updates will occur until any of us works out where Montreal's internet cafes are. That's all for now.

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