Friday, 30 May 2008

Why America is wrong

Eisenhower warned you of the military industrial complex. But nobody listened and now look what the Americans went and did.

I feel safe reducing nuclear weapons and investing the savings in education.

Terrorism is used by the governemnt to keep the small people scared and weak. The only leader the small people can turn to is their government. The government wastes huge amounts of money building killing machines to oppress smaller nations. These smaller nations respond through acts of terrorism. The war continues... Until everyone dies or the little people say that they don't approve of this unethical practice. In a democracy, the government should listen to the little people. Because without the little people ignoring the atrocites comitted by governemnts worldwide. The governemnt would be held down to a moral standard set by every citizen. How is that a bad thing? We should take down the Military Industrial Complex once and for all!

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