Friday, 30 May 2008

Noodlebar and food presentation

Over the holidays I have been to a relatively new resteraunt/takeaway twice. It is called Noodlebar. It is a cheap, good qaulity, relatively fast food service. The resteraunt serves pretty basic noodle and rice meals at £5 which you can then add other sauces, cashew nuts, more vegetables, etc for more money. For the first meal I had which I ate inside and I ate egg fried rice with chinese curry and chicken. This was mildly spicy with a lot of vegetables. The second meal I had which was today, the one I had takeaway was yo min noodles with mixed meat(chicken, beef, pork, duck) and in the noodles you get asian vegetables(onions, carrots, spring onions, bean sprouts). The meal was served in a white classic chinese meal box with a choice of eating with chopsticks or a fork which you also get if you eat inside.
Now this is when I get to the second bit of my blog. The food was extremely good qaulity, well cooked but the presentation was simple you just had the rice on one side of thhe plate and sauce, etc on the other side if you had noodles it was all just dumped on the plate but it was really nice so I think that this should prove that presentation in cooking isnt very important, I will look for other reasons that presentation has nothing to do with good cooking and I will post about them.
Here is a link to the resteraunts website which has details on their resteraunts in Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Maidenhead

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