Thursday, 21 August 2008

no sleep this morning!

This is really the second time this week that my body clock fell out of sync. The first time was a quite bad sleepover in which we didn't actually ever go to sleep... then I slept until 5 PM the following day. This time however all I did was to wake up a little earlier so that I could make observations of the moon for the astronomy course I take. I woke up at 5:11 with sunrise occuring at 5:58 I thought I had a wide berth. Couple this with the map on the left showing cloud cover in the UK for 4:00 this morning (it's taken off the BBC website so it may not be there tomorrow) I live under the fantastically white layer in the south of ingland. Too much cloud. And despite sunrise being almost an hour away I still had a fuzzly twilight which I might either put down to light pollution or just the early sun reflecting off the underside of the clouds. Then of course when I looked up the Moon rise and moon set times in the realisation that the moon may already have set. In fact it rose at 9:24 PM last night and will set at 11:46 AM this noon. It's meridian passing was at 4: 17 AM which means it should have been above the horizon nearly directly north or directly south of where I was standing. Advice for next time: Bring a compass, check the weather beforehand.

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