Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Are games getting cheaper?

There's an interesting article over at Joystiq. Also, there are intersting articles relating to gaming at the Escapist. But, they're just journaliostic genuises and it's quite rare that Joystiq write full blown articles. I didn't actually read much of the article but I got the idea that is was about playing games over the internet. Now, I just went to Amazon, as one does, to see what games are out in the UK. As it happens Left4Dead was on sale. Now, when I say it was on sale, it has been reduced from £49.99 to £39.14. Thankfully this includes 'Super saver delivery'. So my maths is a little easier. However, when I look at the same game on Steam - Valve's content distribution system, I find that as part of a promotion for 4 copies, Left4Dead costs £20.24. Why? To order a physical copy to be installed on my Xbox I need to pay an extra £18.90. Hmm, I ask myself, is digital distribution really better. I bought Valve's Team Fortress 2 some time ago for about 8 pounds. Yeah. And the price on Amazon is £14.67. If I went into my local game store in town, I assure you that that price would be magically pushed up to £20. Now, I may not make the smartest of financial decisions, but by and large, Digital Distibution is insanely cheaper.

I'd like to apply all of what I just said to the movie rental industry and Blockbuster versus Netflix but it might take a bit longer to explain, so I won't. However, things are cheaper when you download them. And I'm not even an early adopter, Steam has been around since 2005, so has Xbox LIVE marketplace and Amazon dvd rentals.

Also, some guy on Joystiq likened Asteoroids to Super Stardust Portable. That guy, wherever he is, whatever he does, is totally wrong. Geometrey Wars 2 and all those other re-made old franchises are nothing compared to Star Control 2. Which many including me still rate as one of the best video games ever made, excluding anything made by Valve, and possibly Halo. I was quite annoyed when I wanted to buy Team Forteress 2 and I tried to get across Valve's awesomeness to one of teh parents. They don't seem to understand that games are art. Certain games. Valve, make art, make games. In fact, I think it must have been last week, a senior minister in the UK government declared games as an art form and nobody listened, shame on you, you snobby ignorant bastards. Matchstick is watching 24 chrono downstairs, but he's promised me a TF2 match. I wonder when this will happen however as it's been about an hour since he went downstairs.

Wait, he's just shouted at me to get a move on. I'm really excited, this could be half as awesome as Counter Strike.. !

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