Sunday, 14 December 2008

In other news,

I installed Team Fortress 2 on two computers yesterday, which should at some point lead to all out team deathmatch. I am annoyed that Team Fortress 2 doesn't have any bots, apparently MatchStick knew this but thought I wouldn't mind.
MatchStick watched the re-make of 'the day the Earth stood still'. I was forced to watch the original on the last day of term by a slightly odd physics teacher at school. And having watched the trailer for the re-make, I can safely say that the original was better by far.
I almost forgot, the thing that came through the post from LOVEFiLM was a bunch of vouchers for films, except you had to give them to people who didn't already have a LOVEFiLM account it was a marketing trick. I'd like to give the CEO of LOVEFiLM an advertising leaflet and tell him it's a christmas present and see how he reacts. It almost says 'infect your friends'. Netflix couldn't come sooner.

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