Friday, 5 December 2008

Lists to write

Here are the projects which I aim to have a go at by or during Christmas:
  1. Put LEDs inside the A B X Y buttons of one of the Xbox controllers. And in doing so sharpen up my rusty soldering skills
  2. Investigate Arduino boards. I had an idea for a panel of multi-coloured LEDs which each lit up at random intervals, and it's sort of possible.
  3. Make a video of why Jeremy Clarkson should not be.
  4. Put steam on the laptop and try to play a LAN game of DEFCON with the family. If overly simplistic dumb games can't appeal to them then maybe sophisticated (and I'm not talking about Half-Life) Real-Time Strategy games would do it. Or I could borrow a Wii.
Actually I was joking when I said we could borrow a Wii. I would NEVER EVER EVER do that, without quoting GlaDOS: it would be the dumbest thing.

Also, my reading list is:
  1. Freedom Next Time - John Pilger
  2. The last book in the Timura Trilogy whose name I have forgotten but it's by Allan Cole and it's on my Christmas list.
  3. The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx.
  4. Jonathan Neele's book on climate change.

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