Friday, 5 December 2008

Mirror's Edge

I just saw the Mirror's Edge Downloadable Content video on Youtube. It's awesome and it rocks. I do not care if it's not from Valve. In fact it was published (develloped by DICE) by the most uncreative money-grabbing arseholes in the entire videogame business. They bought out Westwood studios and killed the Command and Conquer series. They make loads and loads of annoying sport games which nobody ever buys. And yet they were capable of such mastery (bear in mind that I have only played it once) I am convinced that this game rocks despite nearly everyone I know trying to convince me otherwise. A bit like Portal in more ways than one. Also, it's to be introduced on PC with PhysX acceleration from Nvidia. This could be the polish seeeing as it is really a physics based game. But I've seen console titles sucessfully include PhysX. Unreal Tournament to name one (also Electronic Arts). So I'll leave the final judgement up to when I play it. But all I'm sying is that it has potential so everyone now stop saying bad stuff about it. Stop. Now. Games are Art. Go away.
Now I'll shamelessly link the trailers that I watched like the good marketing tool I am:
PC trailer (fingers crossed it comes out on steam)
DLC trailer (+324 points for the mind-blowing techno soundtrack)
Hey, guess what, this game features a woman. And she hasn't got disporportionately large breasts. That has got to be a first somewhere.

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