Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I briefly mentioned this yesterday, but I just watched the trailer to SiN Episodes: Emergence. It's like Half-Life, not in the story, but in the gameplay, the story looks pretty good having read the introduction. It's powered by Source, and it just has this feel which makes the world look so like a generic Source-powered game, it brings back feeling of Half-Life. This is definitely going down to play on my new laptop. Although it is only one episode, and I don't know what happened to the others. I was going to say that I wanted to play Red Alert 3 since I spent most of since I woke up poring over it's website. But, by the looks of everything, SiN overtook that. I know that looking at just a trailer is not much foundations for awesomeness. Further searching finds that the develloper, ritual entertainment, made the port for Counter Strike to the Xbox. They worked on Counter Strike: Condition Zero. And they made an expansion to Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. And the game was endorsed by an early form of Games for Windows on XP.
I'm going to consider it.

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