Monday, 29 December 2008

After much consideration

In my last post I listed items which were reduced on Steam. Well as a matter of fact there is an all-round %10 reduction on all things on Steam. There's also an additional reduction on other stuff as well. This ends January the second. By then my laptop will have arrived and the following games (possibly) bought:
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift
  • Darwinia+Multiwinia
  • World of Goo
  • Tank Universal (depending on what it's like)
  • Oh, and maybe Counter-Strike: Source.
  • Out on a limb here: Aquaria?
Today I went to town and was sorely dissapointed by almost everything in HMV. I tried to open a bank account at Co-Op, but didn't have my real passport so was declined. I walked around Zaavi looking at all the things that were on clearance, none of them so cheap as to be worth buying and some things like £2 special editions of Tribes: Vengeance were too good to be true so I steered clear of them. In fact I was looking for Another World, an independent, artsy kind of game which stood out from the rest. However, I was treated with lots and lots of First-Person-Shooters and popular games which sell. The only thing vaguely appealing was Red Alert 3, and that was only available for £34 in WhSmiths. Rather disappointingly it's not on Steam, or at least I don't think so because Steam is messing up quite a lot.

I also browsed Blu-Ray disks in HMV, my laptop is going to have full HD screen (1080 pixels high by 1920 along). It seems that as with video games nothing is really breaking the mould and being adventurous with this, the best Blu-Ray films I saw were big-budget-hollywood-smash-box-office-hits, such as Batman Begins and well, that's about it really. I watched 'my beautiful laundrette' last night and despite the resolution being bad, the film itself was marvellous. And it doesn't help that Blu-Ray disks average at about £20 in price.

Tomorrow I might go watch 'Yes Man' with Matthieu, under the weary inquiry as to whether it'll be any good. Who knows, the Spirit looks to be awesome and I'll watch it as soon as I can, possibly with a friend from school. Or the tale of Despereaux.

I'll leave with another nod to a good game, I noticed that SiN Episodes: Emergence on Steam is actually modelled on the Source engine. Instantly turning it from a bizarre game which I never thought worth a look to an intersting game with seemingly limitless potential for fun. Maybe as soon as I get my laptop I'll ignore my pre-PC hoarding phase and start playing so-called 'mainstream' games that the rest of the apes of my age play. Screaming 'Gears was nang innit!'.

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