Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Movie Night, Red Alert 3.

I have been prompted by someone at school that it's been a while since a movie night was held. Of course I would pull for this movie night to be held at my house seeing as I have a projector, sofas, social standing that comes with being that guy who everyone goes round to his house and has a good time. Also, I would get to pull first dibs on films watched. That along with the awful casual mini-games supplied at occasions like this (see previous postings). My friend has recently passed his birthday (16 years). Seeing as it's a significant milestone I would expect a rather more extravagant party than most years. We'll have to see, but it'll leave room for one of my movie nights for sure. So under the assumption that I would hold a movie night, these would be the films I currently consider as definitely worth watching:
  • Dune. Everyone I talked to seemed to have heard of the book or the film, but nobody had actually read or seen it. Strange. It is a totally kick-ass sci-fi film though
  • Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. It would totally satisfy those immature ones among us who revel in simple toilet humour. I do occasionaly chuckle at those types of jokes. I mean I watched all three futurama films. If I think it's funny I laugh. Damn them who do not laugh. I'm referring mostly to parents here.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: the Conqueror of Shamballa. As I already demonstrated with my parents it's impossible to understand without having watched at least 60% of the FMA saga beforehand. I did find myself writing in History that Edward Elrich had prevented the Munich Beer Hall Putsch by calling upon his powers of Alchemy.
  • This could be easily substituted for FMA because it's of the same Anime-Sci-Fi theme: Casshern.
The Red Alert 3 expansion pack now has a trailer (that link is likely to expire soon). It wasn't difficult to predict that there was going to be an expansion pack seeing as it's EA and that's what they do, just look at what they did to Command and Conquer 3. Three comments to make about the trailer: There's a new actor playing one of the American Faction Generals who is the same person who played Gretchen in Prison Break Season 4. I'm not going to get over that. At the end of the trailer there's that russian guy who shouts at the start of Hell March. That's awesome. Just skip to the end to see what I mean. The new character's name sounds about as silly as just calling someone 'Yuri' and then giving them a whole new faction based around the fact that they can do wierd stuff using their psychic rays. Oh, wait! That's what they just did. Did anyone see that obscure reference to Red Alert 2: Yuri's revenge? Plus one to me! The new character is called Yuriko, that's such a giveaway. Another point about the Red Alert series in general, is that I now fully understand the satirical, semi-cheesy view of the cold war. The whole point is that nobody is right and the game is just there to enjoy the strategic battles which took place. I have decided to scorn those who look upon Command and Conquer as not a true strategy game. It may have somewhat departed from realism, but it sticks by it's beginning design principles of quick decisions and simplistic combat. There's no faffing about looking at wind speed and stuff, it's just common sense that a big gun on a wall will defend better than a big gun in the middle of a field.

Matchstick has been hassling me for the last couple of weeks to save my gains from my new job for something later on. I have amassed £140-ish pound and earlier on he came into my room and said 'can you spare £30 for Mirror's edge and Xbox LIVE Gold?'. I know we discussed it earlier, but still, save away for a rainy day, then buy a Zune.

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