Sunday, 8 March 2009

Office Space film review

Office Space is meant to be a comedy about a guy who goes to work at a place called Initech and he gets bored of his job. He therefor tries to get fired. I wont tell you what happens next because it would spoil the film. It isnt laugh out loud comedy, it makes you smile from time to time.

The film was made in 1999 and is set around just before this time. Peter Gibbons who is the main character is played by Ron Livingston and I think he acted the part very well. All of the acting seemed to be good and I would like to point out Stephen Root played a very good part for Milton Waddams who is a tubby Initech empoyee who mumbles a lot and no one really ever listens to him.

Overall it is an ok film, it isnt bad but neither is it wonderful. I might say a lot of films are ok, well that is ok because if a film is good enough to be on DVD or in cinema, then it is bound to be okish depending on what type of film you like and dislike. It is a good friday night film to ust sit down and watch, because it is comedy with a quite simple plot.

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