Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Prince of Egypt

I watched this film in religous studies in school. It is about the story of Moses with a bit of a tweak. At the start it says
"this is a biblical story that can be found in the bible" duh!. Of course it is in the bible anyway also
"James Bond is a biblical character that can be found in the bible in Timothy 3:14." James Bond is probably more realistic than the bible and a lot better read(or watch)
Right onto the actual film, well it is a film about Moses, I already said and how he grows up in Egypt as Pharoah's son, then he runs away after killing a bad guy. There are some bits in the film where I am pretty sure they wouldn't be in the bible.
I would advise this as a film for kids under the age of 10 to watch as it is educationl ish and child friendly.

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